Some people might see a WiFi body composition scale as just another overpriced gadget. However, for anyone who is serious about weight loss and overall health, this type of scale is a must. Using a traditional scale, you can only tell what you weigh without knowing what makes up this weight. While a smart scale breaks up the weight for you so you can really understand your weight.

We have previously compared two great WiFi Scales: Withings Body vs Fitbit Aria. We also looked at the different between Withings Body models WS-30 vs WS-50. In this post, we will be comparing the Withings Body to iHealth Core.

Features of iHealth Core WiFi Scale:


  • Measures weight, body fat, lean mass, muscle/bone mass, water weight, daily calories, BMI, and visceral fat rating.
  • Max weight: 400 pounds/ 180KG
  • Easy WiFi pairing using a QR code.
  • MyVitals app, available for iOS and Android, shows you your daily goal, tracks your process, vitals and more.
  • App allows you to share your data with your doctor in excel or pdf format.
  • Supports up to 10 users.
  • Stores up to 200 readings offline (if no connection available at weighing time) then automatically syncs them to your smart device (phone, tablet.. )

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Features of Withings Body WiFi Scale:


  • Measures weight, BMI, body fat, muscle, bone mass and water using Position ControlTM technology.
  • Max Weight: 400 pounds/180KG
  • Automatic data syncing to the Health Mate App (iOS/Android).
  • Supports up to 8 users.
  • Track your weight goal, daily calories intake and more.
  • Compatible with over 100 fitness apps.
  • Daily weather: The scale shows you the weather when you step on it to help you plan your day.

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What Is The Difference Between the iHealth Core vs. Withings Body?

TitleWithings Body Composition Wi-Fi Scale, Black, 4.41 PoundiHealth Core Wireless Body Composition Scale for Apple and Android
FeatureFull Body Composition analysis: Get high-accuracy weight, BMI, body fat, muscle, bone mass and water measurements thanks to Position ControlTM technology.
Automatic Synchronization: Data from every weigh-in appears in the Health Mate app automatically via Wi-Fi (iOS 8+ and Android 2.3.3+)
Nutrition Tracking: Set a weight goal and manage your daily calorie budget accordingly with the nutrition tracking feature (in partnership with MyFitnessPal).
Daily Weather: Step on your scale to enjoy a localized weather report and plan your clothing for the day.
Multi-User: Up to 8 users can weigh themselves and access their personal weight history. Plus the Withings Body automatically recognizes who's who.
Accurately measure weight, body fat, lean mass, muscle/bone mass, water weight, daily calories, BMI, and visceral fat rating using state-of-the-art bio impedance technology for accurate results
Two step set up process; scan the QR code and connect the scale to your Wi-Fi. iHealth MyVitals app records readings, lets you set goals, and tracks trends over time
Supports 10 unique users and measures up to 400 pounds.  Stores as many as 200 readings offline to sync at your convenience
One-touch automatic sync with the free iHealth MyVitals app to track your body composition and share with your doctor or fitness instructor
Fully integrated with the entire family of iHealth products to help you better understand and support your healthy lifestyle
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Honestly, both the iHealth Core and Withings Body are neck to neck when it comes to features:

  • Both measure the same body composition of weight, BMI, muscle, bone mass and water weight.
  • Both have apps that are compatible with iOS and Android devices, meaning  you can have your data sync to your smartphones or tablets running those operating systems.
  • However, Withings Body also syncs with other apps. In fact, it is compatible with up to 100 other health apps.
  • When it comes to supported users, the Withings supports up to 8 users while iHealth supports up to 10.

Since both scales pretty much have the same features, we’d recommend the following:

  • If it matters to you which app you use with the scale, for example if you’re already using another health app and would like to continue to use it, then you’d love the fact that the Withings Body can work with so many apps. Withings also has a web based app that you can access from any browser.
  • Your other choosing factor would be price. Both are at the same price range but we would recommend you check if there’s any available offers whenever you’re ready to purchase and compare prices then.

Also, watch the following video reviews to get a better idea of how the scales works:


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