In this post, we continue to compare between highly rated electric toothbrushes to help you with your buying decision. Today, we’re comparing between two brands, Philips Sonicare and Oral B, and we’re looking at models Sonicare Essence vs Oral B 1000.

Both the Sonicare Essence and Oral B 1000 are considered entry-level electric toothbrushes with basic features. Let’s look at the features of each toothbrush before we compare them to each other.

Features of the Sonicare Essence:

Philips Sonicare Essence Power Toothbrush

  • Ultra high speed bristles.
  • Contoured brush head.
  • 2-minute timer.
  • Removes 80% of tobacco and coffee stains in 28 days.
  • Battery lasts up to 10 days before recharge.
  • Includes 1 brush head, charger base and travel case.

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Features of Oral B 1000:

Oral B 1000

  • Electric toothbrush with 1 cleaning mode: Daily Clean.
  • Removes 100% more plaque than manual tooth brushing.
  • Round CrossAction brush head surrounds the tooth for 3D cleaning action.
  • Pressure sensor stops pulsation if you’re brushing too hard.
  • 2 minutes timer with intervals every 30 seconds to indicate you should switch the area you’re cleaning.
  • Includes 1 CrossAction brush head and a charger.

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What Is The Difference Between Sonicare Essence and Oral B 1000?

TitleOral-B Professional Healthy Clean Precision 1000 Rechargeable Electric Toothbrush 1 CountPhilips Sonicare HX5610/30 Essence 5600 Rechargeable Electric Toothbrush, Frustration Free Packaging
FeatureNo.1 Dentist Recommended Toothbrush Brand Worldwide - Oral-B.
60-day Money Back Guarantee and 2-Year Limited Warranty for replacement or repair of product. (Full details inside of pack.)
Unlike brushes that just vibrate, Oral-B's clinically proven technology pulsates to break up plaque and oscillates and rotates to sweep plaque away.
Dentist-inspired Precision Clean refill brush head surrounds each tooth for precise cleaning in hard to reach areas.
Key handle Features: Up to 7 Day Battery Life (2min, 2X/day), Professional timer to help brush 4 quadrants at 30 seconds each, Visual pressure indicator to alert hard brushing, and handle display to show charge life.
Up to 2x better plaque removal versus a manual toothbrush
Includes soft-grip handle designed for comfort and control, 1 contoured brush head, charger base, and travel case
Patented sonic technology- dynamic cleaning action drives fluid between teeth and along the gum line to gently remove plaque
2-minute smartimer ensures dentist recommended brushing time
Ships in Certified Frustration-Free Packaging
ReviewsRead ReviewsRead Reviews
LinkMore InfoMore Info

How They Work:

The biggest difference between Sonicare and Oral B is how the toothbrushes actually perform.

  • Sonicare Technology provides up to 31,000 movements per minute to break plaque.
  • Oral B brushes pulsate and rotate with their round brush heads to provide tooth by tooth cleaning.

The Brush Head:

Sonicare Essence Brush Head:

Sonicare Essence Brush heads

The Sonicare Essence uses a somewhat old model of brush heads. As you can see in the photo, it is not just a simple brush head stick, but it screws into the brush and it’s large in size. The brush itself is similar to a regular toothbrush, but it has a contoured design that allows it to go deeper between your teeth.

Oral B Brush Heads:

Oral B Brush Heads Chart

Oral B’s brush heads do not need to be screwed on, you easily click them into the brush or pull them out. Oral B offers a brush for every dental need, from plaque removal, whitening, flossing, dual cleaning and more. Most of their brush heads have a round design, this allow the brush to surround each tooth fully and clean tooth by tooth. But if you prefer the more traditional way, there’s the Deep Sweep brush that’s made just for that.

Click here to read our post about Oral B replacement brush heads.

Which One To Buy?

It’s important to understand that, although both brushes are in the same range of electric brushes, they offer a different cleaning experience. However, in comparison, the Oral B 1000 is considered to be more advanced to the Sonicare Essence:

  • It has a much better range of brush heads, and they’re easier to replace.
  • The timer on the Oral B 1000 is better, the 30-seconds beep is great for ensuring that each part of your teeth is covered for the exact required time.
  • The handle itself is slimmer, making it easier to hold.

The only downside is that the Oral B 1000 doesn’t include a travel case.

Video Reviews:

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Common Questions:

How To Change Brush Head on the Sonicare Essence?

The brush head for the Sonicare Essence is a screw on type of brush head. Hold the brush head where you see a line that separates it from the actual handle, twist it to unscrew it and replace it.

Where Can I Buy Replacement Brush Heads for Sonicare Essence or Oral B 1000?

The brush heads for both models should be available in your local supermarket or pharmacy. They’re also available widely online, click here to see Sonicare replacement brushes and click here for Oral B brushes.

Can I Replace The Battery on my Sonicare Essence or Oral B 1000?

No, the batteries are rechargeable and they’re meant to be recharged every 10 days of use or so. After a long period of time, the brushes may lose some of their original power and will not hold a charge as they used to. That’s the case with all rechargeable devices of any kind. But it’s not something to worry about in the short run. If your toothbrush is starting to lose its power quickly in less than a year, contact the company’s customer service line for support.



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