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What Is a WiFi Body Scale and How Does It Work?

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A growing trend these days is for people to have the ability to share data about their health and fitness with their friends on social networking sites, from running apps that show off how far you can run to diet apps that show what you have had for breakfast. Wifi scales offer a whole new way to analyze your health, offering a totally different experience to the traditional scales with a high tech, interactive way to keep healthy.

Wifi scales come packed full of features to make losing weight and keeping healthy less of a dreary task and more fun, convenient and social than traditional scales. These features include:

  • Wifi scales track not only weight but BMI and body fat too, giving an excellent overview of your health.
  • All stats are uploaded through a wireless interface to a web browser automatically every time you step on the scales. You can then simply log in and view a graphical analysis of the values taken.
  • There is also an Android and iPhone app which allows you to track your weight on the go. The app can also be integrated with some other apps, such as running apps, helping you gain a complete experience.
  • You can set weight goals and a calorie plan, which can then be tracked using either a web browser or the app, helping you manage all your needs effortlessly.
  • The interactive dashboard and app also allow you to log food and workouts to help you achieve realistic targets.
  • If you are feeling proud of your progress you can post to Facebook or send out a tweet, you can also set this up so they are posted automatically.

How Does a WiFi Scale Work?

Most WiFi body scales work the same way:

  • You’ll set it up and connect it to your WiFi network at home.
  • You’ll download the app for your smartphone/tablet and register your scale on it.
  • If more than one person is going to use the scale, then you’ll be able to create different profiles for each individual going to use it.

And you should be all set! The scale will then start to automatically collect data every time you use it and will send it right to your phone. The app will do all the analysis and show you your progress.

Should You Buy a WiFi Scale?

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The WiFi body scales provide a great way to keep track of your overall body health in a more convenient and reliable manner than a traditional body scales. With constant access to your data, detailed graphs, the ability to set up targets and integrate with other health programs, you’ll have a perfect product to assist in reaching those new year goals and when you do you can share it with all your friends.

If you’re serious about losing weight, tracking your progress and getting inspired to actually go on with achieving your goal, then a WiFi scale is a must-have for you!

Which WiFi Body Scale Should I Buy?

Two of the most popular smart WiFi body scales are the Withings WiFi scale and Fitbit Aria WiFi scale. In our next post, we’ll look into both scales and compare them for you so you can pick the right choice for you.

See a comparison between Withings Wifi Smart Scale and Body Analyzer and Fitbit Smart Scale here.

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