In a previous post, we compared JAWBONE’s activity trackers UP 2 and UP 3. And with the recent release of UP 4, we’ll continue our comparisons in this post.

Features of Jawbone UP 4 Activity Tracker:

UP4 by Jawbone Heart Rate, Activity + Sleep Tracker with Amex Payments

  • Health and fitness tracker tracks your steps, moves, distance traveled.
  • Monitors your heart rate throughout the day and offers insights and tips to improve health.
  • Advanced sleep tracker gives you insight on the quality of your sleep at every stage with automatic sleep mode detection.
  • Silent alarm feature vibrates to wake you up.
  • For the first time, you can make payments using your UP 4 bracelet with an eligible American Express card (more info on this below).
  • Smartphone app offers smart coaching, food logging and food score.
  • Syncs data automatically via Bluetooth.
  • 7 days battery life.

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How’s The UP 4 Different Than the UP 3 Activity Tracker?

TitleUP3 by Jawbone Activity Tracker, BlackUP4 by Jawbone Heart Rate, Activity + Sleep Tracker with Amex Payments*, Silver Cross (Gray)
FeatureAdvanced Activity - Get the full picture of your active life. Track steps, distance and calories burned. UP learns how you move, capturing all your activities like running, soccer and swimming. 
Advanced Sleep - Automatically capture hours slept, quality of the sleep, REM and deep sleep. 
Food Tracking - Get as detailed as you want - track food, drink, calories, nutrients and more. Or, use Food Score to know if you're eating right - all at a glance. 
Smart Coach - Only UP delivers personalized insights based on your activity. From there, UP guides you to make healthier choices each and every day. 
You can connect your UP4 band to an eligible American Express Card* for payments on the go at participating stores. See below for important terms and limitations.*
Heart health monitoring throughout the day
Get personalized guidance from Smart Coach
Advanced sleep tracking automatically to capture REM, Light and Deep
Syncs wirelessly plus 7 days battery life
ReviewsRead ReviewsRead Reviews
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UP4 and UP3 have the exact same features when it comes to tracking. Both track:

  • Steps, calories, distance.
  • Sleep quality.
  • Hear rate.

There’s only ONE added feature to the UP 4, which is the ability to connect your American Express card to your wristband and make payments with it.

Is Wireless Payment Worth The Upgrade to UP 4?

Jawbone UP4

With Up 4, Wireless payment works by tapping your brand on a wireless payment terminal and it will automatically make the payment for you. This sounds pretty cool, but here’s the fine print:

  • The only card you can use this feature with is American Express.
  • The service is only available in few select stores.
  • It works in the US only.

At this point, we don’t think this is a feature worth upgrade for really. Maybe if in the near future it was upgraded to include more cards and is widely available in stores, it’d be cool to use. But right now, we simply don’t think it’s worth it.

Which UP  Band To Go For?

Definitely go for UP 3 instead of UP 4. You’ll get all the features mentioned above and save some cash at the same time. And if hear rate monitoring isn’t something you want, UP 2 will be a great choice for you.

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