As we mentioned in our previous post, two of the most popular and top rated WiFi body scales are the Withings Wifi Scale and Fitbit WiFi Scale. So naturally, the question that comes to mind is,  which of these two scales is best and which should a buy?

In this post, we’ll compare both scales and break down their features for you to help you with your decision.

A Comparison Between Withings WS-50 Smart WiFi Body Scale and Fitbit Aria WiFi Body Scale:


Withings WS-50 Smart Body Analyzer:

Withings WiFi  Scale

Basic Scale Features:

  • Four weight sensors. Warns you if you’re leaning for the best precise measurement.
  • Maximum weight 180KG – 396 lb
  • Units: kg, lb, st lb

Advanced Features:

  • Measures full body data: weight, BMI, body fat.
  • Heart rate monitor: monitors heart rate and tracks fitness level by looking at and comparing your heat rate history.
  • Air quality tracker: monitors temperature and quality of air in the room. Alerts you of CO2 level and when you need to let some fresh air in to improve indoor air quality.
  • Track your progress and reach your goals using the free app, available for iOS or Android.
  • Also compatible with over 60 other health and fitness apps.


  • Connects using WiFi or Bluetooth.
  • Connects to a PC using Bluetooth.
  • Automatic data upload and analysis.

Users and Sharing:

  • Automatic recognition for up to 8 people.
  • Keep your data private or share them via social networks.
  • Option to send your data directly to your doctor via Email.

As you can see from the features listed above, the Withing WS-50 Smart WiFi Scale is a full body analyzer and health tracker. Not only does it track your weight and body mass, it will also ensure you’re surrounded by fresh air, which leads to better mood, more productivity and better sleep.

Withings WS-50 Smart Body Analyzer_app
The application provided by Withings automatically analyzes your data and gives it to you in easy to read charts. The visualization of your progress is great to keep your eye on your goal and get inspired. That is definitely a huge plus. The sharing options makes it easy to share your progress with your friends, family or even your doctor (which hopefully you won’t be seeing much of!).

Will you be using the Withings Smart Scale with your entire family? Then you’ll absolutely love that it can recognize up to 8 people, automatically, as soon as you step on it! And it will send the data of the person to their own profile, which they can keep private or share with others.

Want to know more about the Withings Scale? Click here to learn more about it, read the customer reviews and buy it.


Fitbit Aria Wi-Fi Smart Scale:

Fitbit Smart Scale

Basic Scale Features:

  • Maximum weight limit: 350 lbs.
  • Units: lbs, KG

Advanced Features:

  • Measures weight, BMI, and body fat percentage.


  • Connects to a smartphone or tablet (iOS/Android) using WiFi
  • Automatic data upload to smartphone app and Fitbit website.

Users and Sharing:

  • Recognizes up to 8 users automatically.
  • Ability to set data to private.
  • Share data on social networks and Fitbit’s website.

The Fitbit scale makes it easy to track your progress using an iOS or Android app, or through their website. It’s excellent for the entire family to use, since it automatically recognizes up to 8 people. And of course, your data is completely safe and private it if you want it to.
Fitbit Smart Scale_app
Fitbit’s management tool also helps you create a food log, caloric plan to follow and set goal weights. The charts and visual analysis is easy to follow.

Click here to learn more about the Fitbit Smart Scale, read the customer reviews and buy it.



Which Of These Smart WiFi Scale Should I Buy?

Well, that’s ultimately up for you to decide, of course. But here’s the main difference between them:

  • The Withings Scale is a full body analyzer and not only a scale. It will monitor your heart rate, your fitness level and even the quality of air in top of your weight, BMI and fat percentage. So it’s an overall monitor for everything that could affect the quality of your life.
  • The Fitbit Scale does not look into things like heart rate, fitness level and air quality, and only deals with your weight, BMI and fat percentage.
  • Both scales give you automatic data analysis and easy way to track your progress. So they’re the same in that matter.

I would suggest you look into the Withings Body Analyzer and Smart Scale as your Wifi scale. The price difference between the two units is only very little and feature wise, the Withings scale is diffidently a winner.


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